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Smart Insights

Gets actionable insights about Customers, Products, People, Systems, and Processes. Get every part of your organization on a continuous improvement path by using the power of AI

Agent Assist

Turns every agent ( human and virtual) into a great one! Every action of all agents is driven by the “organization’s collective intelligence” rather than each agent’s opinion of what action to take.

Know the Unknown – Unearth hidden business insights


Ex CIO of JPMorganChase

Vice-Chair, Columbia University, NY

Ex CTO Chase Mortgage

Pioneer at AI

Four Time CEO


IT Help Desk

Make your employees more productive and offer them an improved experience by offering greater levels of self-service. Support the increasing scale and complexity of your organization without adding headcount to your internal IT support teams. By using our integrated omnichannel AI platform, predict and prevent incidents even before it happens.


Increase Renewal Rates by using a combination of intelligent lead scoring, voice-based intelligent routing, and offering your frontline teams, contextually relevant information about product and customer for better outcomes. Also, Smoother Claims Processing, the claims processing experience is a moment of truth for customers. Offering a frictionless experience for customers with genuine claims can earn companies customers for life and by the same token, is the most important reason for customer attrition. 


Offer your customers superior customer service by engaging with them in the channel of their preference. Using our advanced algorithms, predict your customer’s needs in advance, and proactively address them. Let your customer’s requests served through intelligent machines while utilizing the power of the human agent to handle complexity.

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Know the Unknown - Unearth hidden business insights - insights which cannot be discovered by traditional analytical tools, unlocked by our proprietary AI platform